Open days at Josip Antun Ćolnić Primary School

On Wednesday, March 8th, we participated in the Open Days of J. A. Ćolnić Primary School in Đakovo. A series of choreographies were performed, showing a section of Croatia’s intangible cultural heritage from the UNESCO list, and appropriate workshops were held with the same theme.

An educational, challenging and very interesting project called “Intangible cultural heritage of Croatia on the UNESCO list” was designed by Dr. Enrih Merdić, artistic director of the FE “Slavonske kraljice”, and included a performance by an ensemble and a workshop for students.

In the first part of the project, the members of the FE “Slavonske kraljice” performed a 40 minute program, which included the choreography of “Slavonske kraljice” and elements of other protected goods: “bećarac”, “Međimurska popevka”, “Kastavski zvončari”, “klapska pjesma”, “ojkanje”, “nijemo kolo”, “licitari” and wooden toys from Hrvatsko Zagorje.

In the second part of the project, the students participated in organized workshops, also related to the intangible cultural heritage of Croatia, led by Luka Juriša, mag.mus., Mia Mandić, mag.mus. and Sanja Vidović, professor of technical education. At the end, the students presented what they had seen and learned.

“We are extremely pleased to participate in projects that promote the importance of intangible cultural heritage, and especially in those that present it to younger generations,” said Andrea Ž., followed by Ivan B. “I experienced this whole project very pleasantly and I hope that we soon have the opportunity to repeat the same.”