Presentation of cultural heritage in Đakovo Gymnasium (Erasmus+)

On Monday, February 7th, FA „Slavonske kraljice“ performed at the Đakovo Gymnasium as part of the Erasmus+ project „Return to the Roots – Return to the Future“, whose theme is tangible and intangible cultural heritage under the protection of UNESCO.

There are currently 30 students and professors in Đakovo from Spain, Turkey and Romania, for whom a ceremonial welcome was prepared today, where KUD „Tena“ presented itself with the choreography „Kumova grana“. In this way, guests were able to experience first-hand the traditional songs and dances of the Đakovo region and fully experience our cultural tradition.

The project „Back to the Roots – Back to the Future“ lasts a total of 35 months, and aims to get to know the cultural and historical heritage of Europe, raise awareness of European values, learn and apply knowledge about entrepreneurship, finding jobs in culture, improving foreign language speaking skills and the use of digital tools.