Announcement of the annual concert in 2022.

This year as well, FA “Slavonske kraljice” of KUD “Tena” will take you on a journey through our beautiful country.

Now, with the traditional annual concert, we will try to show you all the beauty of the Croatian region, but also the tradition of our people who are not geographically in Croatia, but have a heartfelt love for their folklore. Thus, the name of the concert itself is focused on just one such group. Not to reveal too much, but not to be completely mysterious again, we will take you from the very east of Croatia all the way to the south.

Preparations for the concert are in the very end, everyone dribbled their own, and then we all dribbled together. We are playing, dancing, arranging costumes, and excitement is at its peak around here! We are rejuvenated, which gives us great pleasure because young people want to do this and no one is happier than ourselves! On the other hand, the combination of experienced members with these young people will certainly give you, our dear audience, a concert for heart and soul.

We promise that you will feel that while we are dancing we are not able to hate, we are not able to judge and be separated from life. We are only able to be happy and feel fulfilled.

Come and you will not regret it!