The annual assembly of KUD Tena was held

The annual reporting assembly was held in the premises of KUD Tena on Saturday (February 18th). The president of Tena, Dinko Hrehorović, began the Assembly with a minute of silence for all deceased members, and then briefly looked back at the history of Tena and mentioned that «Tena» today has more than 200 members in several children’s and adult sections.

He also commented on the organization of new premises located at the address Električne centrale 12, in the former storage space of the then PIK Đakovo, and now the space owned by the company Žito, which wholeheartedly gave the aforementioned space for use. The eviction from the old, basement spaces of Mimosa began at the end of 2014. For a while, we operated in several locations – in the area of ​​Đakovo scouts and in the House of Culture, and in the summer of 2015 we moved into the then still unfinished premises, Hrehorović pointed out. With the help of the City of Đakovo, the County, the company Žito, but also many other sponsors, the decoration continued in 2016, so at the end of the year the large dance room finally got a suitable dance floor, which this year was covered with a rubber dance floor.

The assembly was also attended by Mayor Zoran Vinković and Osijek-Baranja County Prefect Vladimir Šišljagić. On that occasion, Mayor Vinković pointed out that «Tena», along with the cathedral and the Stable, is one of the recognizable symbols of the City of Đakovo.

«I wish you to continue this successful work, to continue to promote the city of Đakovo, to continue to preserve the tradition and to continue to be what is indispensable, and that is to be from Đakovo, Slavonia and Croatia. I remember, I must mention, one late expert ethnologist wanted to forbid «Tena» to go to the embroidery procession, but I said then that without «Tena» it is impossible to have a procession, opening and closing of Đakovo embroidery. Thank you for everything you have done and are doing, and I can say with certainty that the City of Đakovo will continue to stand behind your work in the future, «said Vinković. Prefect Vladimir Šišljagić added that we are often unaware of the wealth we have at our disposal, and one of those riches is certainly KUD «Tena», recognized and appreciated throughout Croatia, Europe and the world.

«I congratulate you, not only on my own behalf, but on behalf of the inhabitants of Osijek-Baranja County, but also on behalf of the whole of Croatia, because Tena is special and there are not many such societies in Croatia, congratulations on your work so far. The way you present us, not only in Croatia but also abroad, is more than commendable. And, as the mayor said, along with the cathedral and the Lipizzaners, «Tena» is something special and recognizable and something we are all proud of, «said Prefect Šišljagić. In the end, they both wished a lot of success in their further work, and thus a lot of interesting trips, while the members of «Tena» continued the party after the Assembly until late at night.